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Frequently Asked Questions about Delhi Escort Service

People have many questions in mind while availing Delhi Escorts Service. Below in this article we have tried to cover ten most important questions about Delhi Escorts.
Question-1:- What is Delhi Escort Service?
Answer: - In broad language escort of escort is a form of guard of guide for a tour or a visit. Escort service can be categorised in two ways. Social Escorts Service and erotic Escorts Service. In Social Escort Service, service is limited to only companion service for party, get-together or social gathering. The Erotic Escorts service covers all intimate and sexual services. So be wise to choose your service – you want only social service or full sex service.
Question-2:- Is Erotic Escorts service is that same of Call Girl service?
Answer:- Yes, but Call Girl Service is supposed to be rendered by street call girls who are extremely professional and does not care much for customer satisfaction. Whereas Erotic Escorts are customer friendly and rendered by girls from non-professional background or as a part time service. The service quality is more superior and a customer is unlikely to get cheated.
Question-3:- Is Erotic Escorts Service is Legal in India?
Answer: - Prostitution is legal in India when the service are offered by an adult female in a private place. But pimping, keeping brothels and rendering those service in Hotels are illegal in India. Advertising for sex services is illegal in India.
Question:-4:- We can see google pages are overstuffed with Delhi Escorts sites. Are those sites are genuine and services are genuine?
Answer: - If a person is maintaining a website or some kind of online advertising platform it does not come with a zero cost. So most of the websites with higher ranking are supposed to be genuine. If you want to negotiate for price or better services it is recommended that you contact the websites which have a lower rank. Since lower ranked sites get less customer, a good bargain can be expected.
Question:-5- What are the risk factors while availing the escorts?
Answer: - There are few cheats who will promise you moon. Beware, do not pay a single penny before you see the girl and agree to avail services. Take caution while availing In-Call Services.
Question:-6- What is In-Call and Out-Call Services?
Answer: - When you visit the girls place it is In-Call Service, when the girl visits your place it is out call service.
Question:-7- What is the average rate for a one time service?
Answer: - One time service, usually referred as “one shot”, 2 hours in Delhi can cost 3000/- to anything upwards. It is worth to pay 5000/- for a 2 hours one shot session for a good looking girl if she is offering most of the services.
Question:-8- We have noticed that the services listed in the sites have certain codes like BJ, CBJ, A-Level etc. What does those codes mean?
Answers: - The adult industry had grown 4-5 fold in last 20 years with the boast of Internet. The industry have code-named every kind of sexual act or position with a unique name. Like Extraball (example: - To have sex many times in one sitting. The escort provided extraball ... I paid the escort girl for 4 hours, and she allows extra balls.) You can refer for any code that you are not able to understand.
Question:-9- Are the pictures shown in the website is genuine?
Answer: - Don’t be fool. 99% pictures shown in the website gallery are fake or stolen pictures. It is wise to go and have a look at the girl before you hire her if you have time, otherwise you have Whatsapp to ask for the pictures.
Question:-10-What can I do if I get caught by police while availing service?
Answer:-If you have the guts to buy escort service you must have guts to pay the police. Always keep 2000/--3000/- handy in your purse to handle those kind of situation. Don’t worry, 99.99% pimps pay shares to police, so you are 99.99% safe.

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